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Who we are

We are builders and growers, obsessed with innovation and the construction of exciting products that benefit the clients of our clients. We are excited to work at the crossroads of ‘the markets’, investing, economics, deep science (AI & machine learning), finance, design and the digital world. Can there be anything more challenging?

We offer people who join us a financially fulfilling perspective. More importantly we aim to create an environment where you grow as a human being. The latter implies that we devised a creative and meritocratic environment where openness is encouraged and curiosity is rewarded. This makes people love coming to work injecting tons of positive energy in your life.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Highly driven and committed
  • Enjoyable to work with
  • Solution seekers
  • Naturally curious
  • Direct and open
  • Radiating positive energy
  • Able to get things done
  • Smart & creative in their own areas
  • Interesting human beings

Would you like to get to know us better first? First check our about section.

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Leuven, Belgium Leuven, Belgium
Leuven, Belgium / Warsaw, Poland / Romania Leuven, Belgium / Warsaw, Poland / Romania